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Tadcaster lies on the River Wharfe between Leeds and York. Originally named Calcaria by the Romans, it was a small settlement, serving as a resting place for travellers and as a staging post on the London to York road.

The high quality Tadcaster water is drunk throughout the world in the famous beers which are brewed in the three breweries sited in the town.

The battle of Tadcaster was fought around the Tadcaster river bridge in the Civil War and at Towton three miles away in 1461 a decisive battle settled the Wars of the Roses.

The Tadcaster viaduct, built in 1849, is a large imposing landmark. Last used for goods traffic in 1955, the viaduct was purchased by Tadcaster Town Council for the use and pleasure of local people. The Viaduct walk runs across the river with access to both banks.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it is ideally placed as a base for touring North Yorkshire.

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